A Blog Writing Competition


  • Anantha Krishnan N R - cb.en.u4cse21604 : Will Humanoids Replace Humans?
  • Bavana B N - cb.en.p2cst21003 : Deep learning aided Massive MIMO in Wireless Communication.
  • Balakumaran K - cb.en.u4eee20106 : IoT (Internet of things)
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    Blog Writing:

    • • Each participant has to submit a Medium blog(LINK) written on any one of the topics given by the organizing team.
    • • The blog should be original, plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
    • • The blog has to be submitted by 21st June 2022.


    • • Recent Developments, inventions, how to start a career, guidances to some project, articles, etc in the fields of " ML, AI, Deep Learning, IoT ".
    • • Including intel technologies will give bonus score.

    Rules and Regulations:

    • • It is a solo event.
    • • The Blog must contain a minimum of 800 words to consider for evaluation.
    • • To qualify, your blog must be submitted by 21st June 2022.
    • • Plagiarism leads to disqualification.
    • • Relevant infographics are allowed.
    • • We will not consider any blog spreading any kind of hate or negativity.
    • • Organizers will have the right to give final judgments regarding any issues.
    • • Only one blog can be submitted.
    • • Participants must mention the topic while submitting the blog.


    16 June 2022 to 21 June 2022.

    Contest Ended