Omdena Coimbatore Chapter

Collaborative AI community

Introducing Omdena, A platform to bring together the global AI community with impact-driven organizations to educate, innovate, and build real-world AI solutions.

What is Omdena?

TIt is something close to a family of people being passionate about making the change in the world for better through AI.
“Omdena is a platform helping mission-driven organizations and startups build impactful AI solutions through global collaboration and empowering AI Engineers from all over the world to become changemakers.”


Part of Intel IoT Club, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

The mission of Omdena chapters is to promote real-world AI through running open-source projects, providing case study-based education and AI services to local AI enthusiasts and businesses around the world.

What is the Omdena Community?

What is the Omdena Community? It’s a family that gathers the enthusiasts of AI for Good around the world. We help each other, grow together, inspire each other and most importantly collaborate together towards a better future. You can become a part of it by completing one of Omdena Challenges with us.

To become a member of Omdena Community also gives you the number of benefits such as


Omdena possibilities

  • • 250+ Collaborators got opportunities to publish articles through Omdena, receiving a collective 150,000+ views.
  • • 350+ Collaborators received free access to top data science courses worth over $100,000.
  • • 100+ Collaborators got opportunities to speak through Omdena with a total of 10,000+ registrations.
  • • 50+ collaborators got $350,000+ through paid projects.

Here your knowledge becomes a reality while working on projects related to your local community problems. You can submit project ideas from your local communities or join challenges of other chapters.

Induction event will be soon!

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